Jammin’ Jed Jerry Jam Package

For the Jed and Jerry fans out there, here’s a limited edition merchandise package featuring a Jammin’ Jed golf shirt, a “JJ” bubble logo baseball cap and, best of all, an extremely rare Jerry Jam II coffee mug. The mug features amazing poster artwork by Starling Glitterbuck, commemorating Jed’s appearance with Star’ 69 at Jerry Jam II. This mug was only produced for the crew at Jerry Jam II, and was discontinued after a limited number were made due to copyright issues. First come first serve on this amazing piece of Jed history!

Jammin’ Jed Jerry Jam Package
Golf Shirt, Baseball Cap and Coffee Mug
$24.95 (+s/h)

Jammin' Jed Jerry Jam Package

Buy the Jammin’ Jed Jerry Jam Package

IMG_3814 IMG_3813


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