Jed Luckless “Roll Over”

Roll_Over_CD_Cover_medThe new Jed Luckless CD is available now!

“Roll Over” is Jed’s latest album of original songs, featuring nearly a dozen new tracks and thirty-four minutes of music. The album showcases Jed’s eclectic mix of songwriting styles with genres ranging from rock to blues, and influences from bluegrass to jazz.

“Roll Over” is available now for just $9.99! Every order includes the following:

  • Jed Luckless “Roll Over” CD (signed by Jed Luckless)
  • Used, signed guitar pick
  • Bonus CD or Download Sticker (while supplies last)

In order to get it to you, we’ll need to add $4.99 for shipping, but it’s still a lot of new music for $14.98!

Jed Luckless "Roll Over" Pre-Order

Order Jed Luckless “Roll Over”

Thanks for your support and don’t forget to check the schedule and join us at a live show to hear the new material!


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