Jed Luckless “Europe 2017”

The new Jed Luckless LIVE CD is available now!

Jed is known for his live performances which utilize a mix of styles and improvisational jams to create unique concert events. His “tours” are streamed online, where fans come along for the digital ride.

In 2017, Jed decided to break time-zones and do a virtual tour of venues located in Europe. The tour featured a half dozen Second Life venues from Belgium to Italy.

It was so successful it led to a follow-up in 2018, as well as the album “Europe 2017” which includes eight live tracks that capture what it was like to be at one of those memorable Jed shows.

“Europe 2017” Track List

“Alignments” – 5/28/17 – The Blarney Stone, Dublin
“Catfish Friend” – 5/28/17 – The Blarney Stone, Dublin
“Listen To The Angels” – 5/31/17 – Falling Angels, Italy
“Victim Of The Rhythm” – 6/4/17 – La Fabrik, Paris
“Lightship” – 5/26/17 – Feed A Smile, Germany
“Valley Of The Saints” – 5/26/17 – Feed A Smile, Germany
“Roll Over” – 5/31/17 – Falling Angels, Italy
“Water Glass” – 5/31/17 – Falling Angels, Italy

“Europe 2017” is available now for just $10! Every order includes the following:

  • Jed Luckless “Europe 2017” CD (signed by Jed Luckless)
  • Used, signed guitar pick
  • Bonus CD or Download Sticker (while supplies last)
  • Other Surprise Mystery Items (like posters, cards, shirts, etc!)

In order to get it to you, we’ll need to add $7 for shipping, but it’s still a lot of new music for $17.00!

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