Jed Heads

Jed’s fans are an amazing community of people. Strangers stopping strangers, always there for each other, ever supportive of music, art, creativity and the exploration of life. And they love to dance.

The term “Jed Heads” is an obvious play on the fanbase of the Dead, and was coined for the Secondlife user group created to bring these like minded music lovers together. That community has since grown, in Secondlife and beyond, on the web and social networks. And continues to grow.

The Jed Heads are an amazingly philanthropic bunch. Through concerts and fundraisers, Jed and his fans have raised hundreds of dollars for causes such as hunger in America, earthquake assistance in Haiti and flood relief in Nashville.

On behalf of Jed Luckless and everyone at Jedtainment, we extend a sincere thank you to all of our devoted fans. We love you 🙂