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Phish Bowl V

Phish Bowl VHey Phriends!

We are pleased to announce that Phish Bowl V will take place on February 1st, 2014 at Terrapin “Stadium” on Darkstar! Please join us for our fifth annual celebration of Phish and the Super Bowl!

What: Phish Bowl V
When: Saturday, February 1, 2014
Where: Terrapin Stadium, Darkstar (SL) &
Why: To celebrate Phish and Football!

As always, the show will feature two sets of live Phish from Jed Luckless, the presentation of the Phish Bowl trophy for best Phish show of 2013, and our exciting setlist box pool! Even if you can’t be there, you can still win prizes! Read on….

The Phish Bowl Set List Box Pool

Phish Bowl V takes place on February 1, 2014 in Secondlife and on, and like previous years, we continue the tradition of the Set List Box Pool!

It works kinda like a regular Super Bowl pool. We have 100 boxes up for grabs for a donation of $2.00 per box (no more than 5 boxes per person please). When you purchase your boxes, you may specify which box numbers between 1 and 100 you wish to claim. If those numbers are available, we will assign those boxes to you. If they are no longer available, we will assign the nearest available number. Once all boxes have been purchased and filled in with names, we will reveal the randomly assigned Phish song title for each box (new songs have been added this year!).

Prizes are awarded based on the Phish song played by Jed to open and close each set (i.e. similar to four football ‘quarters’). 100% of donation proceeds from boxes (i.e. $200 if all boxes are sold) will be donated to winning pool participants, based on the following prize ratio:

Set I Opener: $25
Set I Closer: $50
Set II Opener: $25
Set II Closer: $100

Boxes are no longer available. Thanks to everyone who played and good luck! Check your song titles below!


Good luck and hope to see you at the show!

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Jed Luckless Holiday Revue 2013

holiday_revue_2013_poster_medWe are pleased to announce the 2013 Jed Luckless Holiday Revue! We hope you will join us on December 20th at Hundred Year Hall in Secondlife for our fifth annual holiday charity event at Darkstar.

Each year the Holiday Revue has raised money through ticket sales and donations for a variety of charitable causes. The kindness and generosity of our friends and fans has helped us raise thousands of dollars to fight hunger and poverty, provide disaster relief and support education and social services.

This holiday we are raising money for Lagond Music School, a non-profit organization in Elmsford, NY which is dedicated to contemporary music education and live music performance for children. Lagond serves a diverse community of students throughout the area, helping them achieve their full creative potential through music, and influencing their academic success and social achievements as well.

As always, the 2013 Holiday Revue will feature two sets of your favorite holiday music by Jammin’ Jed Luckless, with a special intermission mashup.

What: Jed Luckless Holiday Revue 2013
When: December 20, 2013, 5pm SLT/8pm EST
Where: Hundred Year Hall, Darkstar, SL &
Why: To celebrate the season with friends and raise money for a worthy cause!

100% of the proceeds from the event will be dontaed to Lagond Music School.

Advance tickets are available in Secondlife for $L500 from Beachy Piers or Jed Luckless. Please get your tickets early as the Holiday show is a popular one at Darkstar and Hundred Year Hall does fill up fast! You can also donate via paypal on the web.

Thank you for your support, have a wonderful holiday season, and we hope to see you at the show 🙂

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Jed Luckless @ The Speakeasy 09.17.10

09.17.10_picHere’s a special Jammin’ Jed show from 2010, which was a celebration of both Jedtainment and the birthday of Jedtainment PR Manager Beachy Piers. The show took place on September 17, 2010 at the Speakeasy in Secondlife and features a mix of Phish, Dead and original music, including several debuts and one-timers.

Set I opens with a jam, back in the days when Jed was using a beatbox for the opening jams. It’s a groovy beat that finds its way into the Trey Anastasio tune “Alaska” and a wild version of Phish’s “Scent of a Mule.” A few Jed originals follow, including the debut of the bluesy “Mizz Lizzy” and a powerful “Smile Forever.” The set wraps up with a rocking “Suzy Greenberg.”

Second set again opens with a jam, which segues into the Partridge Family’s “Stephanie.” This and a late set ZZ Top “La Grange” cover are debuts for Jed, and were never played again. The set also features a rocking “Catfish Friend” featuring Jed on drums, and a poignant version of the Grateful Dead’s “It Must Have Been The Roses.”

A heartfelt show full of poignant covers, rocking jams and debut tunes! Enjoy! 🙂

Jed Luckless 09.17.10

Set I: Jam→ Alaska→ Scent Of A Mule, The Wane, Miss Lizzy, Smile Forever, Suzy Greenberg

Set II: Jam→ Stephanie→ Joy, Catfish Friend→ Drums, It Must Have Been The Roses, La Grange, Strange Design, E: All At Once

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Jed Luckless @ August West Amphitheater 07.23.09

jed_luckless_2009.07.23_coverThis classic Jed show from July 2009 show took place on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, so its not surprising that it blasts off into space. It’s a true Jednesday affair as well, featuring two full sets of Grateful Dead music.

The first set opens with a jammin’ Candyman, and includes a bluesy New Speedway into a rare Railroad Blues. The incredible second set lifts off with a twenty-one minute warmup into Darkstar into Wharf Rat and out again. But the set reaches full orbit with a killer Playin’ In The Band leading to and incredibly inspired Drums and Space, perhaps due to the anniversary occasion, and back again through a dreamy, seamless segue.

The show wraps up with a rare Estimated and bouncy Cumberland. Enjoy!

Jed Luckless 07.23.09

Set I: Warmup Jam→ Candyman, El Paso, Althea→ New Speedway Boogie, Railroad Blues, Bird Song

Set II: Warmup Jam→ Darkstar→ Wharf Rat→ Darkstar, Playin’ In The Band→ Drums→ Space→ Playin’ Reprise, Operator→ Estimated Prophet, Cumberland Blues



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Jed Luckless @ The Blarney Stone 01.26.12

Here’s a fun Jammin’ Jed show from early 2012, chock full of original debuts! Recorded January 26, 2012 at The Blarney Stone on Dublin in Secondlife.

Jed Luckless 01.26.12

Set I: Jam→ All Along The Watchtower→ Loser, First Tube, Ten Ounces, Sugar Pop*→ Sugar Jam→ Smile Forever, Scent Of A Mule

Set II: 2000 Pikes, Sugar Magnolia→ China Doll, Bathtub Gin→ Fast Enough For You, Nose Ring*→ By And Bye*, E: That’s Alright Mama→ Sunshine Daydream

* original debuts

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May 4 | JLB @ Lulu’s Live, Port Jefferson, NY

The Jed Luckless Band hits Long Island, sharing a bill with Keystones and the Diamond Jig Band, at Lulu’s Live, in Port Jefferson, NY. Doors at 7pm, showtime at 8pm. $10.


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New Jed Luckless Web Site

Hey gang! We’re happy to announce the launch of the new, improved Jed Luckless web site! It’s really not all that improved, in fact it’s pretty much the same as the old web site, outside of some minor content changes. The big change is our move to the WordPress platform, which WILL allow us to improve the new, improved site over time.

For now you can check out the updated biography, listen to some cuts from “All At Once,” watch some YouTube videos or check out some photos.

Stay tuned for news and events announcements, contests, merchandise sales, special music releases and more!

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