Phish Bowl XI

Jedtainment is pleased to present Phish Bowl XI, our 11th annual celebration of Phish and the Super Bowl, which will take place this year on Saturday, February 1st at Skytower Memorial Stadium in Secondlife.

Phish Bowl XI Announcement Video

What: Phish Bowl XI
When: Saturday, February 1st, 2020 4pm SLT (7pm EST)
Where: Skytower Memorial Stadium, Secondlife &
Why: To celebrate Music and Football!

As always, the show will feature two sets of live Phish covers (performed again this year by Clueless Wallob!), the presentation of the Phish Bowl trophy for best Phish show of 2019, and our exciting setlist box pool! Even if you can’t be there, you can still win prizes! Read on….

The Phish Bowl Set List Box Pool

Phish Bowl XI takes place on February 1, 2020 in Secondlife, on and Just like previous years, we continue the tradition of the Set List Box Pool!

It works kinda like a regular Super Bowl pool. We have 100 boxes up for grabs for a donation of $2.00 per box (no more than 5 boxes per person please). When you purchase your boxes, you may specify which box numbers between 1 and 100 you wish to claim. If those numbers are available, we will assign those boxes to you. If they are no longer available, we will assign the nearest available number. Once all boxes have been purchased and filled in with names, we will reveal the randomly assigned Phish song title for each box (new songs have been added this year!).

Prizes are awarded based on the Phish song played by Jed and the band to open and close each set (i.e. similar to four football ‘quarters’). 100% of donation proceeds from boxes (i.e. $200 if all boxes are sold) will be donated to winning pool participants, based on the following prize ratio:

Set I Opener: $25
Set I Closer: $50
Set II Opener: $25
Set II Closer: $100

The Phish Bowl Setlist Box Pool is now full! Thanks to everyone who played and good luck! Check back after the show for the winners!

Thanks for your support, good luck and hope to see you at the show!



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